About The Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce encompasses the communities of Blandford, Chester, Granville, Huntington, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick, Tolland and Westfield.

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Together we can make a significant impact on our local community by shopping Chamber members first while also getting also Spotlighting your business, showcased on our website and social media.

Our Mission

To develop and foster a prosperous business environment by serving, protecting and promoting our members through advocacy, education, information, marketing, and networking programs and activities.

INFORM: Connect and inform Chamber members through networking, training, and business events.

EDUCATE: Provide educational programs and information on training opportunities. Educate the business community on local issues and how it can affect them and/or provide opportunities.

ADVOCATE: Maintain the Chamber’s role as the “Voice of Business” with the City.

Our Board of Directors



Legislative Advocacy

The Greater Westfield Chamber advocates on the behalf of Chamber members on the local, state and national levels. The legislative agenda focuses on advancing economic development, lowering business costs and strengthening commerce in our region. As a Greater Westfield Chamber member, you have the opportunity to participate in well attended legislative events such as our Legislative Luncheon.

Business Referrals

We receive hundreds of requests for recommendations and referrals to local businesses. As a member of the Chamber, your company is included on the list of referrals, heightening your visibility to potential customers.


Networking Opportunities

We provide opportunities that will enable you to meet potential customers, clients or vendors. Events and programs, from awards dinners, after-hours networking to breakfast and lunch forums that enable you to meet other professionals. Networking is one of the main reasons businesses join the Chamber.


Your Business is Our Priority

Whether it's signage and zoning or other issues important to you, the Chamber works hand in hand with the town government and other organizations to see that your needs are being met and your concerns are heard. We know that our local companies make tremendous contributions to our region. Chamber members work with local schools, colleges, and universities to provide local businesses with skilled, qualified employees. They contribute to a better workforce and invest in a healthy economy.