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For K-9s & Felines, LLC

Tell us about your business:
For K-9s & Felines, LLC is a holistic pet store. We take care of your pet inside and out! We specialize in pet nutrition and focus on species-appropriate diets. Diet plays in integral role in the overall health of your pet, which includes skin and coat. While we are taking care of your pet on the inside through proper nutrition, we also take care of your pet on the outside by offering professional grooming services.

Our grooming salon offers your pet a private appointment and is groomed start to finish in a low-stress environment utilizing gentle techniques. We use premium, natural products so that your pet looks and feels it's best. We belong to several grooming associations and attend educational seminars throughout the year which allows me to keep up to date on new products and techniques, safety issues, etc.I am an AKC certified groomer and have a certification for Pet First Aid/CPR. You can be assured that your pet is in knowledgeable and safe hands!

Why did you start your business?
I am passionate about pet nutrition and I love educating pet owners and hearing/seeing the positive changes that result when pets are fed species-appropriate diets.

How does your business give back to the community?
I was just elected to the Board of Directors of the New England Pet Grooming Professionals association with the goal of giving back to the grooming community. I also help animal related non-profits. I do hope that when I am able to offer employment, I will have more time to get more involved in local activities. Honestly, I think my biggest "give back" is helping the pets in my community.

Why did you join the Chamber
To be involved in the business community:  networking, promoting, supporting each other. There are so many wonderful businesses in Westfield!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I was a non-traditional(evening)student at Westfield State College that took me nine years to complete. I graduated with cum laude honors and received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science degree.

Do you have an offer for other Chamber Members?
I offer free consultations to discuss nutritional needs.

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